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Youth Ballet Company

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2023/2024 Dancers

Alabama River Region Ballet's Youth Company is a pre-professional company of young dancers ages 12-18 who have gotten to an advanced stage in their ballet training. To join the Youth Company, dancers must be accepted by passing the annual audition held in August or by receiving an invitation by the Youth Company Director, Priscilla Crommelin-McMullan. Dancers from other ballet schools who are interested in joining must also enroll in the River Region Ballet School before being accepted into the Youth Company. The Youth Company is for serious ballet dancers only who are ready to commit to the art of ballet.


Classical ballet technique is the basis for all forms of dance. In the Alabama River Region Ballet Youth Company, the focus is on a strong foundation in Classical Ballet and then other styles are incorporated on top of that to create a diverse dancer.


Company members experience numerous dance opportunities through workshops, master classes, events, and performances in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet and Modern Dance to further their dance education. The River Region Ballet Faculty and Staff prides itself on offering the highest caliber training in the River Region. 

Ballet has been proven to have lifelong benefits-mentally, emotionally, and physically-and the Youth Company is the best place to witness this. Not only do dancers grow as dancers, but they grow as young ladies who will be better prepared in all aspects of life. The ARRB Youth Company focuses on the individual talents of each individual with the desire to form a diverse and harmonious company of young dancers.


We are thrilled to be celebrating our 11th Anniversary Season and welcome any aspiring young dancer to be a part of Alabama's Premiere Pre-Professional Youth Company.

Special artistic enrichment opportunities

for Youth Company members


* Youth Ballet Company auditions are open to all dancers ages 12 & up with one year of pointe experience. Dancers must currently be enrolled in the Alabama River Region Ballet School.


* Workshops and performances will be held in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.


* Special workshops will be offered in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, and Modern Dance   directed by renowned choreographers, master teachers, and professional dancers.


* Field trips for Youth Company members will include performances of the Alabama Ballet, Alabama’s premier professional ballet company, Atlanta Ballet, Georgia’s premier professional ballet company, the Kiev City Ballet of Ukraine as well as the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and concerts at Huntingdon College.


* An annual fee of $550 (for students enrolled in classes at ARRB), payable in one, two, or four equal installments, will be required for membership in the Youth Company. Youth Company members are required to be registered students in the ARRB School.


* Scholarships will be awarded on a case-by-case basis.  


* Classes, rehearsals, performances, workshops, field trips, and performance costume fees are all included in the $550 annual membership.


* Youth Company tuition is nonrefundable.


* Youth Company class and rehearsals will be held on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. Additional rehearsals may also be scheduled on Fridays.


*To schedule an audition, please email us at or call during office hours.

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