Adult Ballet

Alabama River Region Ballet is  now officially offering Adult Ballet class!

Classes are held every Wednesday from 5:30-7:00 pm and taught by Priscilla Crommelin-McMullan. Rates are $20 per class or $75 per month. 



Our mission for this class is to create a fun and healthy atmosphere for ALL LEVELS. From beginner to advanced, this class is for you. We want this to be a judgement free zone where anyone can come and be a part of something truly special-the beautiful art of ballet. This class is the perfect option for anyone looking for some fun, healthy, inspiring, and therapeutic exercise.


Health Benefits

Our ballet classes offer numerous health benefits for our students and now adults can enjoy them too! This class will not only get you in amazing shape, but it will give back in so many other ways as well! Ballet is proven to reduce stress, help with posture and grace, boost confidence, improve flexibility, create a healthy mindset, build muscle and agility, improve sensorimotor skills, sharpen cognitive function, improve memory, build social connections, and be the best overall exercise for the human body.